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Roberto De Angelis, NATHAN NEVER # 76 p. 55 - Comic Strip

NATHAN NEVER # 76 p. 55

Comic Strip
Pen and ink on a rough paper board.
27 x 38 cm (10.63 x 14.96 in.)
Nathan NEVER # 76 " Fenice".
Detail 1.
Detail 2.
Detail 3.


Nathan NEVER # 76 page 55 of the italian serie edited by Bonelli editions.


The art is not signed but has some notes on the back.


Original art from Nathan Never # 76 " Fenice", the third chapter of the "La fanteria dello spazio" saga, one of my favourite serie stories, in which is featured the sinister but seductive menace of the Captain Susan Connery. The art format is a little bit strange: 28 x 37 cm, pen and ink by Roberto De Angelis.

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About Roberto De Angelis

Roberto De Angelis (born 16 December 1959) is an Italian comic book artist. Born in Naples, De Angelis debuted in the comics world in 1981. He subsequently collaborated on adult and splatter comics series. In 1989 he started to work for Sergio Bonelli Editore, Italy's most popular comic book publisher, with some stories for Nathan Never, becoming the regular cover artist for the series with #60. In 1992 he finished his most acclaimed work, Kor-One. He also collaborated on Bonelli's Legs Weaver, a Nathan Never spin-off.