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About Sergio Salma

Sergio Salma was born in Charleroi in 1960 as the son of Italian parents. After an artistic education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mons, he made his first album for Michel Deligne: 'Faits Divers' with a script by Francesco Pittau in 1983. Then, he created the 'Marcobello' series in À Suivre and worked for several magazines for children. For Spirou, he scripted such series as 'Isaline et Jean-Luc' (art by Alec Séverin), 'Suzy' (art by Carine De Brab), 'Attention École' (art by Curd Ridel) and 'Petit Rigolo Illustré' (art by several artists, including Salma himself). n 1989, he created his best-known character, the highly imaginative little girl and wanna-be world traveller 'Nathalie', in Tintin Reporter. Éditions Casterman has collected 'Nathalie' in 20 books since 1992, and the comic also ran in Minnie magazine. As a scriptwriter, Salma developed a second heroine, the rich and spoilt 'Mademoiselle Louise', in cooperation with André Geerts. Casterman published two books in 1993 and 1997, and Dupuis two more in 2007 and 2009. Salma also helped in friend in the creation of the final 'Jojo' album, that was released shortly after Geerts' death in 2010. He additionally created 'Ice Fred' for the Disney Hachette magazine P'tit Loup in 2002, and the vertical gag strip 'Animal Lecteur' with Libon for Spirou in 2006 Text (c) Lambiek

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