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Moreno Marc by Marc Moreno - Sketch

Moreno Marc



Le Régulateur T1 Ambrosia en EO.

About Marc Moreno

Marc Moreno was born in Toulon, Var, in 1968. While working with video games from 1998, Marc Moreno ventured into the field of comics after meeting scriptwriter Eric Corbeyran. Together, they created the fantasy series 'Le Régulateur' ('The Regulator') for Delcourt in 2002. Marc has been working with the aid of his brother Eric Moreno on the artwork and the coloring from the third album in 2006. Marc and Éric Moreno have also cooperated on the artwork of 'Petite Louve', a children's series written by Bénédicte Gourdon and published by Delcourt in 2004 and 2005, as well as the essay 'Loup' for Les Enfants Rouges in 2007. Marc Moreno has also participated in several collective projects, such as 'Paroles de sourds' (Delcourt, 2005), 'Dans les cordes' (Les Enfants Rouges, 2008) and 'Histoire(s) de Bordeaux' (Éditions Grand Sud, 2010). He wrote the series 'Dragon Eternity' with Amélie Sam for artist Jérémy Gens and Éditions 12bis in 2011. Text (c) Lambiek

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