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Bob Hall, Vince Colletta, Mighty Thor  annual 11 - Comic Strip

Mighty Thor annual 11

Comic Strip
40 x 27 cm (15.75 x 10.63 in.)


Signee par Bob Hall


  • Ombrax Saga 243
  • Lug
  • 04/1986
  • Interior page

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About Bob Hall

Bob Hall studied theater at the University of Nebraska, and embarked on the dual career of comic artist and theater maker. In 1974, he studied at the School of Comic Art of John Buscema, and later at the New York's New School. Hall started working for Marvel Comics, where he has contributed to almost all major titles, such as 'The Champions', 'Spider-Man', 'Dr. Doom.', 'Conan', 'Thor', 'The Fantastic Four', 'The Submariner', 'Captain America', 'PSI Force', 'The Avengers' and 'The New Mutants'. In 1986 he penciled and inked the graphic novel 'Emperor Doom'. Hall was an assistant editor at Marvel under Jim Shooter, who asked him to write for the new Valiant Comics (later Acclaim Comics) in 1991. At Valiant, Bob Hall became the writer and penciler on 'Shadowman', which became popular, just like Hall's black and white series 'Armed and Dangerous'. Bob Hall lived in England and Ireland, where he draws on the rich legacy of legends and myths. Besides his comics work, he also makes paintings and portraits, and works for several theater companies. Text (c) Lambiek