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Marvel Team up #99 by Jerry Bingham, Mike Esposito - Comic Strip

Marvel Team up #99

Comic Strip

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About Jerry Bingham

Jerry Bingham works as an illustrator, designer and comic book artist. He has done art for comic books by Marvel, First, TSR, Malibu, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal and others. He is best known for his contributions to 'Marvel Team-Up' and the DC graphic novel 'Batman: Son of the Demon'. Other titles he worked on are 'Onyx Overlord' (Marvel, text by Moebius, Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier), 'Beowulf' (First Comics), and a comic adaptation of 'Alien Nation' (DC). His work has been featured in Heavy Metal and Omni Magazine. He left comics in the late 1990s and has since worked on making production art for movies and designs for Disney theme parks and shopping centers at the West Coast. Text (c) Lambiek