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Marvel boy #1 p.9 by J. G. Jones - Comic Strip

Marvel boy #1 p.9

Comic Strip

About J. G. Jones

Jeffrey Glen Jones is an American comic book artist, who is best known as J.G. Jones. Originally from Walker, Louisiana, he received his Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Albany. He teached painting before he went into comics. He met Defiant Comics editor Jim Shooter at a convention, who assigned him to do the 'Dark Dominion' series in 1994. When Defiant folded, Jones continued his collaboration with Shooter at Broadway Comics. He illustrated the 'Fatale' comic for a year, before he moved to Bill Tucci's Crusade. There, he worked on such titles as 'Tomoe', the regular 'Shi' series, as well as the 'Shi: Black, White and Red' mini-series in the period 1997-1998. Jones drew the 'Painkiller Jane/ Darkchylde' special at Event Comics in 1998, and then went to the Marvel Knights imprint to do 'Black Widow' with Devin K. Grayson in 1999 and 'Marvel Boy' with Grant Morrison in 2000-2001. He cooperated with writer Greg Rucka on the graphic novel 'Wonder Woman: The Hikketeia' for DC in 2002 and subsequently joined Mark Millar on the series 'Wanted' over at Top Cow between 2003 and 2005. He worked with Morrison again when he was one of the artists of 'Final Crisis' in 2006-2008. He has since then mostly focused on drawing covers for DC comic books like 'Batman and Robin', 'Doc Savage', 'Frankenstein', 'Agent of S.H.A.D.E.' and 'Mister Terrific'.
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xavierduvet cette mini-série trop mal connue est absolument géniale: tant au point de vue du graphisme que du scénario qui offre un air frais avec un univers parallèle de marvel qu'on aurait aimé voir développé.
Aug 19, 2017, 7:59 PM
MattMurdock Relooking d'un vilain historique d'Iron Man, à qui Grant Morrison donne justement une vieille armure d'Iron Man en clin d'oeil. Et en arrière plan, un E.T. de la planète X, un Badoon, un Skrull, une tête de Celeste, et un monstre de la dimension de Dormammu. Le Docteur Midas a voyagé aux confins de l'univers Marvel.
Jul 1, 2017, 6:19 PM