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Marc Dacier / Flip Flink - Le train fantome / De Spooktrein by Eddy Paape - Comic Strip

Marc Dacier / Flip Flink - Le train fantome / De Spooktrein

Comic Strip


Projet de couverture pour Marc Dacier

About Eddy Paape

Edouard Paape commonly known as Eddy Paape, was a Belgian comics artist best known for illustrating the series Luc Orient. Eddy Paape was born in Grivegnée (now a part of Liège), Belgium in 1920. He started his career as an animator, working from 1942 on at CBA, the same animation studio where a few years later he would be joined by future Belgian cartoonists André Franquin, Peyo, and Morris). Paape soon left the studio to work as a cover artist and later a cartoonist for different magazines of publisher Dupuis. He began working with famed Belgian cartoonist Jijé, first on his ambitious New Testament comic project Emmanuel. He then succeeded Jijé as illustrator of the detective series Valhardi, published in the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou.

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MC71 Composition intéressante. Une belle trouvaille
Dec 2, 2017, 9:11 PM