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Jean-Baptiste Andréae, Manie in Pale Light by Jean-Baptiste Andreae - Original Illustration

Manie in Pale Light by Jean-Baptiste Andreae

Original Illustration
Mixed Media
Crayon et encres de couleur
32.5 x 49.9 cm (12.8 x 19.65 in.)


12.75''x19.5'' pencils and color acrylic inks onto Canson bristol board.
Wondrous original illustration of Manie Ganza, main character of the 'Azimut' storyline, in bewitching pale light and sorta bistre and sepia ol' photograph ambience.

J.-B. Andreae did create this illustration for BD Empher and a LE print going with their Azimut vol.3 deluxe edition (tirage de tête, in French). Connoissors of the storyline will notice we got Manie, here, in the outfit she had on upon her balloon-flight arrival to the baron Chagrin's levitating place (that's to say in the wardrobe's leftovers from her spectacular escape from Ponduche 😲😆😊, augmented by the pink mini top her scarecrow-looking companion Bâtis tailored for her during the subsequent flight).

I managed to acquire this original out of the trade of a similarly sized original Manie I owned beforehand since 2014 (and the parisian Azimut OA exhibition sale that was scheduled shortly after the publication of vol.2). For this very one I have a too prominent crush for... Warm thanks to François C for the opportunity on this trade !!


  • Les anthropotames du Nihil
  • Bd'empher
  • 04/2017
  • Extra

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About Jean-Baptiste Andréae

Jean-Baptiste Andréae is a French comic book artist and colourist, born in Bordeaux most known with the azimut series with Wilfrid Lupano.