For sale - Mamma Sauvage by Dino Battaglia - Comic Strip

Mamma Sauvage

Comic Strip
26.6 x 36.5 cm (10.47 x 14.37 in.)
Price : 7,000 €  [$]


This is the title page of one of the most dramatic short story in the Maupassant cycle illustrated and adapted by Dino Battaglia and his wife Laura De Vescovi


This is the title page of one of the most dramatic story of the Maupassant cycle, where an old French lady decides to kill the 4 Prussian soldiers that were stationing in her house once she receives a letter that announces her son's death in the war. War and its craziness still revereberates today within the borders of Northern Europe. It seems we never learn.

Some pages from Battaglia's body of work reached the market for a brief time window a few years ago, the auction went sold out. After that even, Battaglia's top quality work hasn't been available no more. This is a unique chance to buy a page (or others from this story, and a few from Milon) from one the most important Artist in European Comics history, Hugo Pratt used to call Battaglia "the Masters' Master".

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About Dino Battaglia

Dino Battaglia is an Italian comic strip artist who has devoted himself primarily to adaptations of literary works. From the late 1970s onwards, Battaglia left his mark on a number of Italian and French cartoonists through his ability to capture atmospheric moods in his ambitious works.