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Malefic Time - Codex Apocalypse - LUZ - Portada Codex Year by Luis Royo - Original Cover

Malefic Time - Codex Apocalypse - LUZ - Portada Codex Year

Original Cover
Mixed Media
43 x 30 cm (16.93 x 11.81 in.)
Planche entière
Codex Apocalypse




Luis Royo and Romulo Royo are the creators of the project Malefic Time, a universe designed to fuse illustration, painting, music, sculpture, and other arts as never before.

Résumé: New York, 2038. Le monde a sombré dans un cauchemar sans nom. La métropole dévastée demeure l'’emblème du monde, mais d’'inquiétantes créatures font planer une lourde menace sur la ville. Les membres de la secte des Treize Lunes montent la garde dans un entrepôt désaffecté. Luz reçoit la visite de son maître, Baal, et se voit remettre Malefic, une arme redoutable, ornée de symboles ésotériques qui remontent à la nuit des temps. L'’occasion rêvée pour venger la mort de sa compagne, Soum, dont le coeœur a été arraché par des êtres sanguinaires….

Luz is a figure difficult to forget, and for all we know it has been so since childhood. She has pale skin and white hair that draws attention from far away. As if to compensate, she wears dark, very functional clothes with high boots and gloves to protect her hands. She wears some kind of body or threadbare suit, very tight, which reveals shoulders and thighs. To cover all that she shows off she uses an old black hooded cloak. The truth is she very stealthy, and when she covers completely it’s difficult to distinguish in the shadows. If you still think she is a helpless little girl it’s because you have not seen her with a katana in hand. It’s fast, lethal and has an explosive nature. (

Malefic Time: Codex Apocalypse is a novel of more traditional format of the hand of Jesus B. Vilches.
We discover in greater detail the hard times that are lived. We will be able to follow the survivors in their day to day full of dangers and constant need of shelter and food that torment the people of New York. Luz and her allies will discover an ancient struggle of the forces of Order and Darkness for control of humanity. A fight of beings that resemble humans for their ambition and lust for power.

Les années 2010 voient Luis, avec l'aide de son fils Romulo pour des œuvres à quatre mains, développer un univers fascinant. Malefic Time est l'aboutissement d'une œuvre immense commencée 20 ans plus tôt.
On voit, dans cette illustration emblématique et puissante, Luz dans un New-York post-apocalyptique.


  • Apocalypse
  • Norma Editorial
  • 12/2011
  • Interior page
  • Norma Editorial, S.a.
  • 2012-05-03
  • Front cover

About Luis Royo

Luis Royo started drawing comics for different fanzines in 1978. Between 1981 and 1984, his comics were published in Comix International and Rambla magazines. Royo began his career as an illustrator in 1983. His works made it out of Spain and were published worldwide. Royo created covers for American magazines, such as National Lampoon and Heavy Metal, for which he also did erotic and fantasy art. hree Royo books, 'Women', 'Malefic', and 'Secrets', were published by Norma Editorial, starting in 1992. In 1998 Royo created the art book, 'III Millennium'. In 1999 his 'Dreams' art book was published, and showcases his previous ten years of commissioned illustrations. Another art book, titled 'Prohibited Book', was published later that year. In 2001 'Evolution' was published, which shows a lot of Royo's book cover illustrations with a somewhat mythical, erotic quality. Text (c) Lambiek

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