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Madman card sketch featuring Frank and Manhog - Jim Woodring by Jim Woodring - Original art

Madman card sketch featuring Frank and Manhog - Jim Woodring

Original art
Published card.


This is a Jim Woodring prelim for a card set from (I think) the mid 90s featuring Mike Allred's character Madman, as well as Woodring's own characters of Frank and Manhog. Pencil on tracing paper.

About Jim Woodring

James William Woodring (born October 11, 1952) is an American cartoonist, fine artist, writer and toy designer. He is best known for the dream-based comics he published in his magazine Jim, and as the creator of the anthropomorphic cartoon character Frank, who has appeared in a number of short comics and graphic novels. Since he was a child, Woodring has experienced hallucinatory "apparitions", which have inspired much of his surreal work. He keeps an "autojournal" of his dreams, some of which have formed the basis of some of his comics. His most famous creation is fictional—the pantomime comics set in the universe he calls the Unifactor, usually featuring Frank. These stories incorporate a highly personal symbolism largely inspired by Woodring's belief in Vedanta from Hindu philosophy. He also does a large amount of surrealist painting, and has been the writer on a number of comics from licensed franchises published by Dark Horse and others.
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