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Maccoy, L'outlaw, Pág. 6 by Antonio Hernandez Palacios, Jean-Pierre Gourmelen - Comic Strip

Maccoy, L'outlaw, Pág. 6

Comic Strip


  • L'outlaw
  • Dargaud
  • 10/1984
  • Page 7
  • L'outlaw
  • Dargaud
  • 10/1984
  • Page 6

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About Antonio Hernandez Palacios

Born in Madrid, Antonio Hernandez Palacios studied ceramics and had an apprenticeship with a silkscreen maker. After the Spanish Civil War, Antonio Hernandez Palacios started his career designing film posters. It wasn't until 1970 that he began to create comics, making his debut with 'Manos Kelly', 'El Cid' and 'La Paga del Soldado' - of which the first two were published in France (in Mon Journal) as well as Spain (in Trinca). Starting in 1974, together with writer Jean-Pierre Gourmelen, he made the epic western 'Mac Coy', that appeared in several magazines such as Lucky Luke, Tintin, Pilote, Pilote et Charlie, as well as a series of albums published by Dargaud. In 1977, he additionally came up with 'Garin' for the weekly Pif Gadget. Four years later, the collection 'Roland & Roncevaux' was published by Les Humanoïdes Associés. This was followed by 'Éloy', a trilogy about the Spanish War. In 1986, 'Drake' appeared in the magazine Rumbo Sur. In 1987, Antonio Hernandez Palacios illustrated Gourmelen's 'Bolivar El Libertador'. In Spain, he was present in Rumba Sur with 'Drako' in 1986. In the 1990s he made series of albums on his own for Planeta DeAgostini, including 'El Primer Viaje de Colón - Una Candela Lejana', 'El Virreinato de Colón - La Luz y la Espada' and 'La Conquista de la Nueve España'. Text (c) Lambiek