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Les Pieds Nickelés Tome 14 by Louis Forton, Aristide Perré - Comic Strip

Les Pieds Nickelés Tome 14

Comic Strip
33 x 25 cm (12.99 x 9.84 in.)


Planche 2 Du Tome 12 Les Pieds Nickelés dans le Maquis du 10/1935 .
Puis du tome 14 en 1951.Planche remontée en 1951 pour ajouter les bulles.
C est le dernier album inachevé de Louis Forton il sera repris par Aristide Perré
Parue dans L' Epatant n° 1321 le 23/11/1933.Merci à AVTBOB Pour son savoir


  • Les Pieds Nickelés dans le maquis
  • Société Parisienne D'édition
  • Interior page

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About Louis Forton

Louis Forton is one of the pioneers of French comics and the creator of the classic series 'Les Pieds Nickelés' (1908-1934) and 'Bibi Fricotin' (1924-1934). He was one of the major contributors to the early 20th century magazines Le Petit Illustré and L'Épatant, alongside such contemporaries as Louis Tybalt, Raoul Thomen, Marcel Arnac and E. Nicolson. Forton was renowned for his amusing drawing style and subversive streak, particularly in his signature series 'Les Pieds Nickelés'. The latter often took a stance against aristocrats and politicians and has therefore remained a favorite among fans of satire. Countless comics artists have rebooted the series over the decades. Even today - more than a century old (!) - it's still in production, making it the second longest-running French comics series after Jo Valle's 'L'Espiègle Lili' (1909-1998), and one of the longest-running comics series period! Together with Émile-Joseph Pinchon's 'Bécassine' (1905), Forton's 'Les Pieds Nickelés' were at the vanguard of the modern French comic strip with recurring characters. Text (c) Lambiek