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Les Pieds Nickelés d'Herlé by Herlé, François Corteggiani - Sketch

Les Pieds Nickelés d'Herlé



Herlé et Corteggiani


Une rencontre épatante avec Herlé et Corteggiani au Salon de la BD dans la Mairie du XIIIème le 28 novembre 2015 ...

About Herlé

Herlé Quinquis studied fine arts in Marseille for several years. He did his first comics work in Fluide Glacial from 1982 to 1984, before he became a regular contributor to Psikopat. He began a longtime collaboration with Roger Widenlocher in 1984. Together, they founded the humorous magazine La Blatte, of which five issues appeared. Herlé became Widenlocher's scenarist on such series as 'Nabuchodinosaure' (1988) and 'Coyote Bill' (1996), two series that are published at Dargaud. Herlé and Widenlocher also cooperated on new gags with 'Achille Talon'. Collections of his work for Psikopat have appeared at the publishing house Zébu, such as 'La Vie des Dieux' and 'Mongolus Paradise'. Herlé was present in the relaunched Pif Gadget magazine in 2004 with the series 'Lobo Tommy'. Text (c) Lambiek

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