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Les Oubliés by Thierry Cayman - Original Cover

Les Oubliés

Original Cover
65.62 x 49.95 cm (25.83 x 19.67 in.)


Les Oubliés


Histoire prépubliée dans Hello Bédé du N° 10 au N° 19 en 1991 avant d'être éditée en album la même année.

Cadeau de Thierry Cayman. Merci Thierry !


  • Les oubliés
  • Lombard
  • 05/1991
  • Front cover

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About Thierry Cayman

Thierry Cayman is a Belgian comic book artist, who has worked on both historical ('Sylvain de Rochefort', 'Jhen') and contemporary comics ('S.T.A.R.'). Born in Brussels in 1962, Cayman was one of Eddy Paape's pupils at the Saint-Gilles Institute. He made his debut with two short stories written by Yves Duval for Tintin magazine. He remained a regular contributor to the magazine throughout the decade with many stories. He returned to comics with the contemporary thriller series 'S.T.A.R.' (2002-2006) Since 2006 Cayman has furthermore worked with Jacques Martin's creations. His first work was providing background art to the 17th album of 'Lefranc' . In 2008 he began drawing new albums of Martin's 'Jhen'