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Li-An, Les Maîtres de l'étrange - Docteur Flux - Original art

Les Maîtres de l'étrange - Docteur Flux

Original art
16.5 x 12.2 cm (6.5 x 4.8 in.)


Case non retenue pour la planche 18 du tome 1 des Enquêtes insolites des Maitres de l'étrange : L'ange tombé du ciel.


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About Li-An

Li-An is the son of a Chinese mother. He took on the phonetic pronouncement of his mother's name as his pseudonym. Born in Tahiti, he has lived in Germany, Madagascar, La Réunion, Saint-Malo and eventually Orléans. After some refused projects, he cooperated on the launch of the magazine Le Cri du Margouillat, which famous on the isle of Le Réunion. In 1989, he did his first story for the magazine Circus. He created the science fiction detective comic 'Planète Lointaine', that appeared in Delcourt's new Encrages collection, in 1998. Afterwards, he teamed up with writer Jean-David Morvan to start 'Le Cycle de Tschaï', a series based on the oeuvre of the fantasy and space opera novellist Jack Vance. Text (c) Lambiek