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Les 3 mousquetaires du maquis by Marijac - Comic Strip

Les 3 mousquetaires du maquis

Comic Strip

About Marijac

Marijac, pseudonym of Jacques Dumas, made his debut as an illustrator in 1926, when he published his first work in Les Jeunes, l'Auto and Est-Éclair. In 1931, he created his first series, the humorous cowboy comic 'Jim Boum', published in Coeurs Vaillants. This was followed by 'Césarin Pitchounet', by 'Capitaine Pat'Folle' in 1935 and 'Jules Bariboule' in 1936, and 'Irradium X-40' in 1941. Starting in 1934, Marijac created such titles as 'Rouletabosse Reporter', 'Costo Chien Policier', 'Onésime Pellicule', 'Jim et Joé', 'Le Chasseur de Monstres' and 'François Veyrac' for Pierrot magazine. A number of these were reprinted in Marijac's own magazine Coq Hardi, which ran from 1944 until 1963. For his tremendous contribution to the comic scene, as an artist, writer and editor, Marijac received the prestigious Prize of Angoulême in 1979. His work has been reprinted several times, and he had been productive up until 1994, the year of his death, when his last illustrations appeared in 'L'Almanach Vermot'. Text (c) Lambiek
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ludogrid La tour Eiffel, deux policiers malmenés et le trait incomparable de Marijac, cette planche est un régal ! J'adore...
May 7, 2015, 9:08 AM