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Le Vieux Nick et Barbe Noire n° 8, « Sa Majesté se rebiffe », planche 41, 1963. by Remacle - Comic Strip

Le Vieux Nick et Barbe Noire n° 8, « Sa Majesté se rebiffe », planche 41, 1963.

Comic Strip


Marcel REMACLE : encre de chine pour la planche 41 du tome 8 du Vieux Nick et Barbe Noire, Sa Majesté se rebiffe, publiée dans le Journal de SPIROU n°1318 du 18 juillet 1963 puis en album aux Editions DUPUIS en 1964.

Scène de mer avec le Vieux Nick, Sébastien, le roi, Eustache Tromblon, le submersible, et toujours cet encrage impeccable propre à Marcel REMACLE.


  • Sa majesté se rebiffe
  • Dupuis
  • 10/1964
  • Page 43

About Remacle

Marcel Remacle was one of the classic artists of Spirou magazine. When he was eighteen years old, he assumed the pseudonym Ted Smedley and published his first cartoons in the Belgian press (Le Moustique, Pourquoi Pas, En Marche, L'Âne Roux), while earning a living as a ladies' hairdresser. In 1956, he was employed by the publishing house Dupuis, where he began working at the art studios in Marcinelle. He created his first short story, 'Le Mousquetaire', and the series about a friendly flying dog called 'Bobosse' for magazine Risque-Tout. After the demise of Risque-Tout, he continued the adventures of Bobosse in the magazine Spirou. In 1958, Remacle created his most famous series, 'Vieux Nick', in Spirou. After a few episodes, this old sailor got company of the pirate 'Barbe Noir', who soon surpassed the main character in popularity. Remacle drew 'Vieux Nick et Barbe Noir' until his retirement in the early 1990s. In 1964, he also created the viking 'Hultrasson', of which Remacle drew three long stories, written by Maurice Tillieux, Vicq or Marcel Denis. 'Hultrasson' was later continued by Vittorio Leonardo. The side-character 'Sepadeffasson' was also featured in some spin-off gags scripted by Denis. Text (c) Lambiek


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stephane Planche très sympa et bien représentative de l'oeuvre, à une époque ou Remacle avait un bon rythme de croisière ! (Selon moi ses meilleures années)
Aug 23, 2015, 9:31 AM