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Le seigneur d'ombre - T2 by Dim. D - Sketch

Le seigneur d'ombre - T2

Felt-tip pen
Le seigneur d'ombre - T2



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About Dim. D

Parisian artist Dim. D began his artistic career at age 15, making drawings for tatoos and cd covers. At age 18, he contributed to the fanzine Avenir, created and financed by the media library of Bagneux. Every issue of the fanzine was directed by a professional from the field, such as Guy Michel and Jean-Luc Istin. He eventually teamed up with Istin professionally in 2000, when the first book of their science fiction series 'Aleph' was published by Nucléa. During this period, he also served as a colorist for other Nucléa series. After three books, Dim. D and Istin created their second joint project, the heroic fantasy series 'Le Seigneur d'Ombre', for Soleil between 2003 and 2009. Dim. D participated in collective projects by Soleil dealing with Celtic legends like 'Les Contes de Brocéliande' (2005), 'Les Contes du Korrigan' (2009), and 'Guerrières Celtes' (2009). He was responsible for the graphics of Dobbs' comics adaptation of 'King Solomon's Mines' ('Allan Quatermain et les mines du Roi Salomon'), published by Soleil in 2010 and 2012. For Glénat, he was the artist of the historical comic about Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, that was written by Alex Nicolavitch, in 2012. Text (c) Lambiek