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Patrick Tandiang, Le matin des suaires brulés T2 P36 - Comic Strip

Le matin des suaires brulés T2 P36

Comic Strip
La version finale publiée


Un petit côté Serpieri atténué par la mise en couleur hélas...


  • Le souffle des légendes
  • Soleil Productions
  • 07/1996
  • Page 38

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About Patrick Tandiang

Patrick Tandiang got his degrees in Advertising Art and Graphic Arts in the United States. He then became an illustrator and artistic director for advertising and publishing agencies. His series 'Le Matin des Suaires Brûlés', started in 1996 at Soleil Productions. In this mythical series, Tandiang successfully creates a fantasy atmosphere by giving much attention to the lightning and the use of frames. In 2004, he started the series 'Japper Jack' with text by Solon at Soleil.