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Le MarsupiGaston (1), 1992. by Fabrice Tarrin - Sketch

Le MarsupiGaston (1), 1992.

Mixed Media


Fabrice TARRIN : encre de chine et écoline pour une dédicace ultrapersonnalisée offerte à un admirateur de la toute première heure. Le MarsupiGaston, 1992.

" L'affreuse Dionée dévorera-t-elle l'original du MarsupiGaston ? ... " " M'Houfi ! ". Le Jaguar empêche la dionée, plante carnivore, de dévorer le MarsupiGaston. Le terme "dionée" renvoie par homophonie au nom du collectionneur qui avait repéré tout le talent en germe et le potentiel de Fabrice TARRIN, après la publication discrète, fin 1991, d'une illustration du Courrier des Lecteurs du Journal de SPIROU représentant un improbable MarsupiGaston...

About Fabrice Tarrin

Born in Neuilly, Fabrice Tarrin studied art at the École Estienne and then further developed his artistic abilities with the Atelier Nawak during a period of five years, and later also the Atelier des Vosges. He began his professional career as an illustrator in Spirou magazine, with editorial drawings for the Zig Zag section and the table of contents in 1991. He then created 'Violine' with writer Tronchet, a series about a mysterious girl with big purple eyes who can read people's thoughts, that was serialized in Spirou and published in book format by Dupuis between 2001 and 2007. In 2004, he created 'Nestor et Polux' in cooperation with O'Groj and Fred Neidhardt in the relaunched magazine Pif Gadget. A first album appeared in November 2005, followed by a complete collection in 2009. With his Franquin-inspired style, it was not surprisingly that Tarrin created a book in the collection 'Une Aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par...' in 2007. Written by Yann, 'Le Tombeau de Champignac', brought back several classic Franquin elements and characters. Text (c) Lambiek


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