Le Gall - Théodore Poussin by Frank Le Gall - Comic Strip

Le Gall - Théodore Poussin

Comic Strip


Planche numéro 38 du 1er album de Théodore Poussin, Capitaine Steene, publié dans Spirou numéro 2431 du 15 Novembre 1984, puis en album chez Dupuis en 1987.


  • Capitaine Steene
  • Dupuis
  • 05/1987
  • Page 40

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About Frank Le Gall

Born in Rouen, Frank le Gall published his first works in Pistil in 1977-78. Shortly afterwards, he joined Spirou magazine with 'Valry Bonpain', a series about a jazz musician, which he made with Alain Clement. A few years later, he started his most famous series, the mysterious 'Théodore Poussin'. In addition to his work for Spirou, Le Gall made 'Yoyo' for Circus with Yann in 1985 and 'Les Petits Contes Noirs' for Schtroumpf in 1992 (in cooperation with his brother Pierre). Text (c) Lambiek