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Le dessinateur fait dodo - Alertez les bébés !!! by Ben Radis, Dodo - Comic Strip

Le dessinateur fait dodo - Alertez les bébés !!!

Comic Strip
Mixed Media
Avec le lettrage...
Trés jolie mise en couleurs ..


Max & Nina tome 3 page 4...

Page sous acide ..j'aime bien le côté délirant ...


  • Rien que du bonheur
  • Albin Michel
  • 03/2003
  • Page 4

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About Ben Radis

Ben Radis (Remi Bernardi) started his comics career in 1980 with a 'Les Closh', a parody of the punk band The Clash, in Métal Hurlant. Together with his permanent scenario writer Dodo (Dominique Nicolli), he made various short stories of this series for Métal Hurlant, Rigolo, Best and Rock and Folk. In 1983, Radis and Dodo created 'La Nuit Porte Conseil', the first adventure of the detective Gomina published by Les Humanoïdes Associés in 1983. Strongly inspired by the Série Noire, they further pursued the adventures of Gomina in Zoulou and L'Écho des Savanes. In 1984, they created 'Teddy et Billy' for the rock 'n' roll magazine Best, a series that was later continued in Métal Hurlant. After a trip to the Orient, Ben Radis conceived the album 'Bonjour les Indes' in cooperation with Jano and Dodo in 1991. Two years later, Ben Radis and Dodo made 'Suivez le Bébé' for Les Humanoïdes Associés. Les Closh by Ben Radis Les Closh - Closh en stock (1982) He joined the magazine Okapi in 1994, for which he designed the series 'Lulu et Mimi'. Again with Dodo, he made 'Pik et Bou' for the publisher Seuil in 1996, followed by 'Max et Nina' in L'Écho des Savanes a year later. Text (c) Lambiek