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Le décalogue by Joseph Béhé - Sketch

Le décalogue

Felt-tip pen

About Joseph Béhé

Joseph Béhé is the pen name of Joseph Griesmar, a comic artist born in Alsace and educated at the School of Decorative Arts in Strassbourg. He worked in the atelier of Claude Lapointe, head of the Academy's illustration section, and learned the finer points of several artforms, including painting and sculpting. While still studying, Béhé had his first professional assignments. In 1986 he met Toff, a science researcher, with whom he created 'Péché Mortel,' a political fiction in which a deadly virus ruins planet earth. Finally, in 1989, Dargaud accepted this comic and published it in Pilote. He continued to work for Dargaud, and made 'La Péniche Bleue' with a script by Delisse, under his own name, in 1990. He then launched the 'Pour l'Amour de de l'Art' saga with scripwriters Serge Le Tendre and Pascale Rey in 1991. Béhé drew the first album, and handed over the artistic duties to Jean-Pierre Danard afterwards. Béhé teamed up with Toff again and made the scientific thriller 'Double Je' He also edited 'Nique la Crise', a collective album about exclusion and worked with scriptwriter Eric Boisset on 'Minuit à Rhodes', a police story in two episodes, in 1995. Between 1997 and 1999, he made three new books in the series 'Péché Mortel' with Toff. In 2001 he drew 'Le Manuscrit', the first episode of Giroud's collective series 'Le Decalogue'. Text (c) Lambiek
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