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Cédric Babouche,

"le chant des cygnes" tome 1 Planche 11

Comic Strip


  • Déjà morts demain
  • Le Lombard
  • 08/2014
  • Interior page

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About Cédric Babouche

Cédric Babouche is a gradaute of the Olivier de Serres and Emile Cohl art schools. He initially turned to sculpting and filmmaking, and directed his first short films 'The Routine' and 'Imago'. Between 2005 and 2008 he was artistic director of the Def2shoot studio, and created a variety of films all marked by his distinctive style. Since the Summer of 2007 he is also a partner and artistic director of Dandeloo. The company develops TV series and feature film animation projects, like 'Chico Chica Boumba', 'Little Houdini', 'Moutcho & Pitrouille', 'Light Fields' and 'Travel to Mama'. He is also a teacher in storyboards and coloring at the Ecole Georges Méliès. Babouche is furthermore the artist of 'Le Chant du Cygne', a World War I comic written by Xavier Dorison and Emmanuel Herzet for the Signé collection of Le Lombard. The first installment was published in 2014. Text (c) Lambiek