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Le blufard pétanqueux by Jampur Fraize - Sketch

Le blufard pétanqueux

Encre de chine + feutres
21 x 15 cm (8.27 x 5.91 in.)

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About Jampur Fraize

Born in France, Jampur Fraize settled in Belgium in 1984. From the late 1980s, he cooperated on several fanzines, such as PLG, Popo Color, Jade, and Kollektiv. At the same time, he did illustrations for the press. He made his professional debut in 2002, with the ninth album of the series 'La Poulpe' ('Le Vrai Con Maltais'), with a script by Marcus Malte. In 2002, his album 'Football Carnage' appeared at the publishing house 6 Pieds sur Terre. He also began the series 'Terminal Beach'.