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Labourot, Gauthier - Aliénor Mandragore by Thomas Labourot, Séverine Gauthier - Sketch

Labourot, Gauthier - Aliénor Mandragore

Felt-tip pen
Dédicace de Séverine Gauthier


Dédicace de Thomas Labourot et Séverine Gauthier dans le 1er tome d'Aliénor Mandragore.
Obtenue lors du festival d'Angoulême 2016.

About Thomas Labourot

Thomas Labourot, born in Reims, studied both Theatre and Fine Arts. He began his career illustrating, most notably for the Prophecy roleplaying game. His work was noted by Jean-David Morvan, who introduced him to the comics industry. He joined the Atelier 510 TTC, where he worked alongside Sylvain Savoia and Philippe Buchet. He eventually took over the artwork of the heroic fantasy series 'Troll' from O.G. Boiscommun from 2003 to 2006. He has since worked on several comic projects, in varying styles and genres. He has additionally participated in several collective works, such as 'Le Grimoire du Petit Peuple' (Delcourt, 2004), 'Les Chroniques de Sillage' (Delcourt, 2005) and 'Les Filles de Soleil' (Soleil). For Soleil, he subsequently made the children's adventure comics 'Noodles!' and 'Team Galaxy' with Séverine Gauthier (2006-2007), and he has also drawn the nerd humor comic 'Les Geeks' since 2008. Additional collaborations with Gauthier are the children's comics 'Mon arbre' (Delcourt, 2008) and 'Garance' (Delcourt, 2010), and the fantasy series 'Washita' (Dargaud, 2009-2011) and 'Alienor Mandragore' (Rue de Sèvres, 2015). Since 2014, he is also active for Éditions Jungle!, as the artist of the pirate comic 'Bohemian Galion' by writer Maxe L'Hermenier. Labourot further drew the fourth book in the series 'Détectives' by Delcourt. Text (c) Lambiek

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