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La Mort -  Zorn et Dirna by Bruno Bessadi - Sketch

La Mort - Zorn et Dirna

Mixed Media


Dédicace sur l'album Les Griffes de la meute, tome 3 de la série Zorn et Dirna


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About Bruno Bessadi

Bruno Bessadi got his interest in comics through reading Pif Gadget and US comics. His initial desire to become a veterinarian was cut short due to failing results, and he thus went on to study Applied Arts. He began his career by doing advertising assignments, while participating in amateur dawing contests and publishing his comic drawings in the Kérozène fanzine, that he created with some friends in 1994. His first professional experience as a comic artist came in 1997, when he started contributing black humour stories to Golem magazine. He took courses in comic art from the Marseille BD atelier, and subsequently made a couple of short stories with Jean-David Morvan. Together with his friend Richard Di Martino he then worked in an animation studio before teaming up with Morvan again to start the series 'Zorn & Dinda' for Lanfeust Mag and Soleil Productions in 2001. The artwork of the first two books were in coopeation with Vincent Trannoy, but Bessadi has drawn books 3 to 6 on his own until 2012. Text (c) Lambiek