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La jungle en folie by Mic Delinx - Sketch

La jungle en folie

Felt-tip pen


Eo Tome 17 Canard à l'orange

About Mic Delinx

Mic Delinx is best known for his popular animal series 'La Jungle en Folie', which started in 1969 in the magazine Pif Gadget. Fascinated by drawing since his early childhood, he followed evening courses in drawing at the Montparnasse school. He made his debut in 1957 with 'Texas Kid' in Pierrot. A year later, he was present in Lissette with 'Sophie', as well as in Fripounet et Marisette with 'Bull Dozer'. For the French Society of the Illustrated Press, he created the funny animal comic 'La Forêt de Chênebeau' with writer René Goscinny in 1961, which was initially published in the magazine Jacqueline of the "J" warehouses. This series was continued in Pilote five years later. Also for Pilote, he created short stories, as well as the series 'Buck Gallo' with texts by Yves Duval and Jean Tabary from 1963 to 1968. In 1968 and 1969, he drew 'Pan et la Syrinx' with texts by Fred. Also in 1969, he created his key series, 'La Jungle en Folie' with Christian Godard in Pif Gadget. In 1996, he drew the comic 'Banga!'. Delinx has also done advertising work, such as 20 pantomime comic strips that came with Malabar chewing gum in 1981-82. He is the creator of the title comic of the Kouakou, a magazine for children in Africa. Also active in the television field, he created the marionette Théobald le Chameau for the Midi Magazine show. Text (c) Lambiek

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