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La Guêpe by Marc-René Novi, Marijac - Comic Strip

La Guêpe

Comic Strip
19 x 17 cm (7.48 x 6.69 in.)
Planche 16
Planche 17
Planche 18
Planche 19
Planche 20


Planche de cette histoire parue dans Frimousse , journal animé par Marijac qui a écrit le scénario .


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About Marc-René Novi

Marc-René Novi was born in Nice and made his debut in 1945 at the publishing house Editions Populaires Monégasques in Monaco. He contributed to 'Jim au Maquis' after having taken courses in Decorative Arts. In 1948, he followed the publisher to its new location in Paris, where the firm continued as Les Editions Populaires Modernes (EPM). He also began a collaboration with the S.P.E. and contributed comics like 'Yvette Le Mesnil, Hôtesse de l'Air' to Fillette (1950). This was followed by 'Le Secret de la Mare aux Biches', 'Correspondante de Guere' and 'La Case de l'Oncle Tom'. Novi also drew comic adaptations of novels for the collection Mondial Aventures: 'La Merveilleuse Aventure de J. Davys' (1954) and 'Quo Vadis' (1955). He was present in Pilote with 'Ralph Lemordant' (1963), in Chouchou with 'Viva Vivero' (1964), in Le Journal de Mickey with 'Le Professeur Flamant' (1972) and in Circus with 'Landru' (1981). With scripts by Marijac, he made comics like 'La Guêpe' (1964), 'Natacha' (1965), 'Commissaire Jupon' (1966), 'Le Bal du Gouverneur' (1967), 'La Fille au Fusil' (1968) and 'La Chouette' (1969) for Frimousse. He was cover illustrator for the collection PJ of Nathan publishers in the 1980s. Text (c) Lambiek