For sale - La bonne femme de neige - Diptyque de 2 planches by Mazel - Comic Strip

La bonne femme de neige - Diptyque de 2 planches

Comic Strip
Encre sur papier épais
40 x 60 cm (15.75 x 23.62 in.)
Price : 1,000 €  [$]
Planche 1
Planche 2


La bonne femme de neige, planche 1+2


Signé et daté sur la planche


Encre de chine pour les 2 planches originales "La bonne femme des neiges"

Signé Masel, planches gag publiées dans le journal Spirou en 1979

Format: 30cm x 40cm (x2)

About Mazel

Luc Maezelle, alias Mazel, was born in Herentals and attended the Institut Saint-Luc. He worked as an architect between 1956 and 1964. By 1960 he started making comics for Tintin magazine, including short stories and the series 'Cromagnon' (1961), 'L'Affaire Tarentule' (1962-63), 'Bôjolet et Riesling' (1964-66) and the series about the musketeers 'Fleurdelys et Patacrac' (with Vicq, 1966-68). Mazel returned to Spirou in 1969, and launched another musketeer series, 'Câline et Calebasse'. He wrote and drew four long adventure serials between 1989 and 1992, that were also collected in book format. Mazel and Cauvin continued their collaboration with 'Boulouboum et Guiliguilli', about a mini Tarzan and his gorilla, in 1975. After a couple of short stories, the duo made their first long story in 1978. The main characters were renamed to Kaloum and Kong in 1983, while the series title changed to 'Les Jungles Perdues'. Five long stories, with a bit more mature tone, followed until 1987. One more long story was published in Spirou in 2008. Since 2004, Mazel has devoted all of his time to painting oils on canvas and watercolors, engraving, sculpting and lang format illustrations in acryl, watercolors, and oil.

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