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L'institution - parce que la rousse pète !!! by Christian Binet - Comic Strip

L'institution - parce que la rousse pète !!!

Comic Strip
Couverture de l'album
Dos de l'album - petits canailloux !!


Album génial avec des tranches de rigolade énormes...
j'ai eu beaucoup de mal avec la rousse pète ...crise de rire tout seul dans la rue , parents inquiets , regard mouillé avec sourire niais...c'est terrible une surcharge de Binet , c'est cara binet .... ( bofbof)


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About Christian Binet

Christian Binet published his first drawing in the magazine Humour Magazine in 1961. He began an architecture studies and a career as an illustrator. During his military service, Binet drew gags with the soldier 'Schwartxz' for the army's internal magazine. Back in civil life, Binet began drawing several gags for a variety of magazines, in a style close to Jean Bellus's. He joined Fleurus publishers in 1969 and did his first comics work. In Formule 1, he created the character of 'Graffiti'. He began his 'Poupon la Peste' in Djin in 1975. He also published in Record, doing the series 'Gallagher' and 'Forum'. The latter was continued in À Suivre from 1979. Binet created his first adult comics in Mormoil magazine in 1974 and 1975. Most of these comics were collected in the comic book 'Bédés Juvéniles'. He joined Fluide Glacial magazine in 1977. There, he began the series about the dog 'Kador', a serial that also featured his earlier character 'Poupon la Peste'. These characters were later implemented in Binet's most famous series, 'Bidochon'. Text (c) Lambiek