L'alcolo volant by Patrick Cothias - Comic Strip

L'alcolo volant

Comic Strip
L'alcolo au volant


Histoire complète en 4 planches, parue dans formule 1 N° 48 de 1979
En 1963, édité par les éditions Fleurus, Cœurs vaillants prend le nom de J2 Jeunes, en 1970, le magazine est rebaptisé Formule 1.
En 1981, Formule 1 cesse de paraître.

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About Patrick Cothias

After a short study in philosophy, Patrick Cothias turned towards making comics. He published a few strips and illustrations, was awarded the Nicolas Goujon Prize for realistic drawing, but decided eventually to devote himself to writing scripts. In 1975 he created his first series, 'Sandberg', with artist Alfonso Font. Five years later 'Masquerouge' was produced with André Juillard. Cothias then took up the scenario of 'Sylivo le Grillon', with Philippe Luguy. 'Snark Saga' and 'Trafic', with Philippe Sternis, were published in 1982 in Okapi magazine. A year later, he created 'Les 7 Vies de l'Épervier', again with Juillard. 'Orn, Coeur de Chien' was made in collaboration with Olivier Taffin, and 'Coline Maillard' with Serge Carrère. Halfway through the eighties, his production boomed. In 1995, for publisher Dargaud, he collaborated once more with Juillard on 'Plume aux Vents'. For the same publisher, he produced 'Le Saumon' with Pierre Wachs and 'Beaux Rivages' with Éric Juszezak. Using the pseudonym Bogue, he made 'Les Jeux du Crocodile' with Modem. In 1998, he collaborated with Victor de la Fuente on a biblical comic, 'Josué de Nazareth', and with Bruno Marivain on the esoteric 'La Mémoire des Ogres'. The series 'La Pension du Dr. Eon', was done with Griffo. Another artist Cothias frequently collaborate with is Pierre Wachs, with whom he made 'Marie Tempête' and 'Navarra'.