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Kwapisz , Gator Bait Pl10 by Gary Kwapisz - Comic Strip

Kwapisz , Gator Bait Pl10

Comic Strip
Un peu bavard... je prefere la planche nue...
Detail grand case


Kwapisz, Gator Bait Pl 10 (Episode de la serie Civil War).

Un tres bel encrage pour une planche muette ici, avec texte à la publication (en image additionelle).

Aaaah, quant il n'y a pas de super heros, les comics, ça peut le faire !



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About Gary Kwapisz

Gary Kwapisz is best known for his artwork (pencilling, and inking) on the SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN series. His artwork is best described as dynamic and realistic, in the vein of artists such as Hal Foster... especially in his later works. One of his hallmarks is that he always created meticulously drawn backgrounds in his works. While very successful in drawing figures with dynamic movement, he also excelled at drawing architecture, and nature settings (mountains, deserts, jungles).