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Judo Sanka by Hiroshi Kaizuka - Original Illustration

Judo Sanka

Original Illustration
25.5 x 36 cm (10.04 x 14.17 in.)


Judo Sanka
Published in Weekly Shonen Sunday - 1972

Alternative title: Hymn to Judo - Ode to Judo - Pasión por el Judo (Spanish)


Judo Sanka was not the typical Judo manga with training in the local dojo. A lot of the stories had settings on the seashore with metaphors of whales, dolphins ... and superhuman skills of humans spinning in the air ! There are a lot of similarities with 'Samurai Giants'

Judo Sanka also had a Television Anime (27 episodes) originally aired by Nippon Television Network

Kaizuka started in rental manga (1957) and already in 1958 he started one of his most successful; "Kurikuri Pitcher", a Baseball manga published in "Shonen Book" / "Omoshiro Book" (Shueisha).
He published numerous successful manga and built a reputation as a sports mangaka but also as a manga artist for boys. When "Shonen Jump" was first published in 1968, he supported the magazine as a featured manga artist.
He created the mangazine (manga magazine) 'Manga Mania' in which he published his own work but also served as a mentor for assistants and other mangaka such as Tsudajiro, Yasumi Yoshizawa and Toshio Shoji.

Kaizuka is, partly due to Zero Battle and Kurikuri Pitcher, one of the greatest manga artists of the 1950s and 1960s.


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