Guillaume Bouzard, Jolly Jumper ne répond plus - Sketch

Jolly Jumper ne répond plus

Felt-tip pen

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About Guillaume Bouzard

Guillaume Bouzard started out drawing in his own fanzine, Caca Bémol. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Toulouse he met Pierre Druilhe in 1989, with whom he created 'Les Pauvres Types de l'Espace' later on. From the late 1980s he has been doing graphic and narrative experiments, working for numerous publications. He soon became a popular fanzine artist, which made him one of the most promising artists of the new generation comic artists. He is the creator of the character Coincoin and in 1997 he started his series 'Plageman'. In 2000, he cooperated on 'Sponge Comix', along with Mattt Konture and Pierre Druilhe. Among the several experimental books he made for independent publishers are 'Les Pauvre Types de l'Espace', 'Bestioles', 'Le Club des Quatre Joue de Gagne', 'Le Bras qui Bouge' and 'The Autobiography of Me Too Two'. In 2006, he published a daily football strip in the Libération.