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Jimmy Beaulieu - Comédie sentimentale pornographique by Jimmy Beaulieu - Sketch

Jimmy Beaulieu - Comédie sentimentale pornographique

Colored Pencil

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About Jimmy Beaulieu

A self-taught artist, Jimmy Beaulieu drew his first comics in 1998. He self published the albums 'Des Aliments' and 'Glucides, Lipides et Autres Nutriments'. Beaulieu co-founded the publishing house Éditions de la Pastèque and the magazine Spoutnik, together with Martin Brault, Fred Gauthier and Jean-Pierre Moreau. He teamed up with Sébastien Trahan to create the absurd detective series 'Mécanique Générale', that appeared in album from 2001. Beaulieu has worked in a comics specialized library since 1994, and he has cooperated on the magazines Noirs Dessins, Tabasko, Ad Hoc, Doigt dans l'Oeil and Cyclope.