For sale - Jeannette Pointu - Le monstre by Marc Wasterlain - Comic Strip

Jeannette Pointu - Le monstre

Comic Strip
Encre sur papier épais
48 x 36 cm (18.9 x 14.17 in.)
Price : 800 €  [$]
Case 7
Case 1 + 2


Le monstre, page 21


Signé en bas à gauche et à l'arrière


Encre de chine pour la planche originale " Jeannette Pointu, le monstre" signée Wasterlain
Marc Wasterlain,propose en 1985 la journaliste Jeannette Pointu après l'attachante série du Docteur Poche.
Format 48cm x 36cm
Signé en bas de la planche et contre signé à l'arrière

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About Marc Wasterlain

Born in Erquelinnes, Marc Wasterlain cancelled his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mons to take specialized comics courses at the C.A.D. in Brussels. After obtaining his degree, he became Dino Attanasio's assistant on 'Modeste et Pompon', the gag series created by André Franquin for Tintin magazine. He joined Studio Peyo in 1966, and cooperated on series like 'The Smurfs' and 'Benoît Brisefer', as well as the 'Poussyclopédie' in Spirou, well into the 1970s. Both Wasterlain and Walthéry continued to help Peyo out on 'Smurfs' stories long after they left the studio. He had his solo debut with the humorous science fiction series 'Bob Moon et Titania' in Tintin in 1971. Two years later, he created a series of poetic short stories starring 'Monsieur Bonhomme'. In addition, he created 'Lapomme' for Achille Talon Magazine. Wasterlain made his comeback in Spirou in 1975, when he launched his magical and poetic 'Docteur Poche' series. Text (c) Lambiek