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Ivor Lott & Tony Brake -  plus grand qu'un terrain de foot !! by Reginald Parlett - Comic Strip

Ivor Lott & Tony Brake - plus grand qu'un terrain de foot !!

Comic Strip
Mixed Media


Reg Parlett est un auteur bitannique trés populaire et trés prolifique !!
bande pour Amalgameted Press - buster comics...

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About Reginald Parlett

Reginald Parlett was an artist from England who had a career of drawing for comic books that lasted for 66 years. Born in London, his father Harry Parlett (1881–1971) was also a prolific artist whose work appeared in many publications, often anonymously, as well as on many picture postcards, which he signed as 'Comicus'. Reg Parlett's older brother George (1902–1981) also later became an artist. On leaving school Parlett became a clerk at Thomas Cook.[1] Realising that he was ill-suited to working for a travel agent, he was encouraged to draw by his father, who submitted his son's cartoons to Amalgamated Press (AP); such was his success that he left Thomas Cook and in 1923 became a permanent member of staff for AP.[1] His work appeared in the Merry and Bright comic in 1926, and he would later go on to do comic strips for comics such as Funny Wonder, Radio Fun, Film Fun, Knockout, Buster, Whizzer and Chips, Cor!!, Whoopee!, ''Jackpot and Wow!. He became one of the top artists for Amalgamated Press in the second half of the 1930s, and stayed with the company until his death in 1991.