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IRS by Marc Bourgne - Comic Strip


Comic Strip
50 x 40 cm (19.69 x 15.75 in.)


Planche Originale Encre de chine


vendu avec cadre professionnel

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About Marc Bourgne

Born in Versailles, Marc Bourgne studied history in Sorbonne, and graduated in 1989. A comics fan since his early childhood, he started out with the adventure series 'Être Libre' at Dargaud between 1992 and 1997. For this series, he created the characters Andy and Flo, inspired by his fascination for North America and Alaska and his own childhood memories. The series was reprinted by the publisher Théloma under the title 'Dernière Frontière'. He took over the artwork of the series 'Voyageur' from Éric Stalner in 2008 (scripts by Eric Stalner and Pierre Boisserie). Bourgne has written scenarios for VoRo ('L'été 63' at Vents d'Ouest), Franck Bonnet ('Vell'a' in 2004 and 'Les Pirates de Barataria' in 2009) and Marcel Uderzo ('Charles 1er - l'Empereur de la Paix', Fleurus 2007). Since 2012 Bourgne and fellow artist Benjamin Benéteau are responsible for the artwork of new 'Michel Vaillant' stories, that are written by Denis Lapière and Philippe Graton. After drawing a book in the 'I.R.$.' spin-off series 'I.R.$. - All Watcher' in 2010, he is the artist of another spin-off called 'I.R.$. Team' with Stephen Desberg since 2012. Text (c) Lambiek