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Iron Man by Bob Layton - Illustration

Iron Man



Layton..... toute ma jeunesse quand je lisais Iron Man.
Commande passée auprès de l'auteur et directement livrée à Paris Manga & Sci-Fi (début d'année 2013).
Un magnifique format A3.

About Bob Layton

Bob Layton was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of CPL/Gang Publications, which published several fanzines throughout the 1970s, including CPL, The Charlton Bullseye, Witzend and Heroes Inc. By 1977, he joined DC Comics, doing inks on titles like 'All Star Comics', 'Secret Society of Super-Villains', 'DC Super Stars' and 'DC Special'. From 1978 throughout the 1980s, he had several runs on Marvel's 'Iron Man' with David Michelinie. He was the co-creator of 'X-Factor' (art by Jackson Guice) for Marvel Premiere. In the 1980s he wrote, drew and inked two 'Hercules: Prince of Power' mini-series and the 1988 graphic novel 'Full Circle'. He also did the designs for the 'Marvel Secret Wars' toyline for Mattel. In 2000, he came back to 'Iron Man' with the mini-series 'Iron Man: Bad Blood'. Layton is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Valiant Comics, and the creator of most of the publisher's popular characters. He was also present at DC, where he created 'Huntress' with Paul Levitz, the Batman mini-series 'Dark Knight of the Round Table', as well as the mini-series 'L.A.W.' with Dick Giordano, which featured many of the original Charlton characters. Additionally, he wrote the three-part 'Batman: Hollywood Knights' for Dick Giordano, and contributed to Stan Lee's "Just Imagine" series. Text (c) Lambiek

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