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Inri Le triangle secret by Didier Convard - Comic Strip

Inri Le triangle secret

Comic Strip
27 x 11.5 cm (10.63 x 4.53 in.)


Illustration pour un ex-libris (je crois, à vérifier).

About Didier Convard

After some publications in Record, Didier Convard joined the publishing house Fleurus. For the magazine Formule 1, he created 'François Vildrac'. For Djinn, he began the series 'Isabelle Fantouri' in cooperation with fellow artist André Juillard and writers Josselin and Pégé. From 1980, Convard made several stories for Tintin, such as 'Les Huit Jours du Diable' and 'Le Neuvième Jour du Diable'. A year later, he succeeded François Bourgeon on the series 'Brunelle et Colin' in Gomme. With Jean-Luc Vernal, he began 'Cranach de Morganloup'. After some comics for Circus, he began 'Les Héritiers du Soleil' in Vécu. In the 1990s, he wrote his first novel, 'Neige' (1992), and he began the series 'Chats' (1992) and 'Editnalta' (1996). Besides his career as draftsman, he penned several scenarios for artists like Pierre Brochard ('Sherlock Holmes'), Gine ('Mathieu Lamy', 'Neige', 'Last', 'Finkel'), Roland Gremet, Goux ('Fripounet et Marisette'), François Dermaut ('Toussaint'), Siro ('Polka'), Alexis Chabert ('Rogon Le Leu') and the Funckens ('Le Chevalier Blanc'). In 1996, he wrote the political fiction 'La Nuit du Président' for his son Paul. Paul also took over the artwork of 'Chats' in 1998. In 2000, Convard set up a new thriller series, called 'Le Triangle Secret', which ran for for seven issues with several artists at Glénat until 2003. Text (c) Lambiek

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