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Illustration publiée dans un journal néerlandais non identifié by Enzo Magni, Ingam - Illustration

Illustration publiée dans un journal néerlandais non identifié

Ink wash


Lavis réalisé à la gouache.


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About Enzo Magni

Enzo Duffloco Magni, who signed with Ingam or Gamin, was an Italian comic artist, best-known as the co-creator of the sexy heroine 'Pantera Bionda'. Born in Milan, he began his career in 1932 as an illustrator for the publishing house of the Milanese Vallardi family. His first comic story was 'Jak Fumo', published in 1945 by the Edizioni Librarie Italiane. Magni and writer Gian Giacomo Dalmasso created the Tarzan-like heroine 'Pantera Bionda', who faught against the Japanese, in 1948. Originally published bi-weekly by Pasquale Giurleo, the strip gained such popularity that it was soon turned into a weekly publication. However, because of its violence and the sensual looks of the main character, 'Pantera Bionda' was the first Italian comic that had problems with censorship. Therefore, Ingam had to lengthen Pantera's costume at certain places. The series ran until 1950, with art duties handled by both Ingam and Mario Cubbino. Other serials that Magni worked for during the 1950s and 1960s were 'Yakuri', 'Tom Mix', 'Tom Bill' (also with Dalmasso), 'Nembo Kid' (with Pier Carpi), 'Penna di Falco' (with Ennio Missaglia), 'Professory Toppy & Soci', 'Jed Puma' and 'Gun Flint', which he took over from Franco Bignotti for Bonelli under the title 'Gun Jim'. He also worked on more adult pocket books, such as 'Calamity Jane', 'Helga', 'I Serpenti' and 'Tenebrax' Text (c) Lambiek