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Illustration graine d'immortels by Jacques Terpant - Original Cover

Illustration graine d'immortels

Original Cover


Illustration originale pour la pochette du digipack ( graine d'immortels - éditions libellus ) reprise dans L'Imagier de Jacques Terpant


  • L'imagier de Jacques Terpant
  • Sandawe
  • 11/2015
  • Interior page

About Jacques Terpant

After his art education, Jacques Terpant made his professional debut in Métal Hurlant. Here, he worked with Luc Cornillon on several war stories, collected under the title 'Blanle-bas de Combat'. At the same time, Terpant started a successful career as an illustrator for several publishers and magazines. In 1988, he returned to the comic scene with 'La Citadelle Pourpre' and 'Le Céleste'. In collaboration with Philippe Bonifay, he conceived 'Le Passage de la Saison Morte' for Glénat a year later. In 1992, he became chief of collection at the publisher Armand Colin and drew 'Damien ou l'Histoire d'un Diabétique'. Two years later, he teamed up with Bonifay again and created 'Messara'. Terpant's drawings, inspired by both American and French comics, and his direct color give his work a personal, realistic style. Text (c) Lambiek

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Terpant je vois que c'est chez vous... je sais donc comment il y est venu... :)
May 14, 2016, 9:08 AM