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Hulk by Pasqual Ferry - Original art


Original art
29.7 x 21 cm (11.69 x 8.27 in.)

About Pasqual Ferry

The Spanish artist Pasqual Ferry is a successful artist of superhero comics for US publishers. In his native Spain, he worked for Albert Rué's animation studio and published in nearly every comics magazine in the field, like Zero, Rambla, Más Madera, Cairo, DDT, Cimoc and Zona 84. He was among others the artist of 'Crepúsculo' and 'Los Decadentes'. He then went to Marvel UK, where he worked on such series as 'Plasmer', 'Dr Strange', 'Generation X', 'Heroes for Hire' and 'Patrol X'. He moved over to DC in 2000, where he began doing 'Superboy', 'Superman' and 'Adam Strange' comics. In 2006, he became the new artist of Marvel's 'Ultimate Fantastic Four' with writer Mike Carey.
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