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Hk 2.1 p.11 by Trantkat, Kevin Hérault - Comic Strip

Hk 2.1 p.11

Comic Strip


J'adore le taquet en case 4, la dynamique est bien rendu.


  • 2.1 Massilia
  • Glénat
  • 01/2001
  • Page 11

About Trantkat

Fascinated by manga, Kévin Hérault debuted with the comics 'Godsend' and 'Otaku-Circus' in Tsunami. He began his futuristic science fiction series 'H.K.' aged 21 with scripts by Jean-David Morvan. He signed his early work with Trantkat, but from the fourth album of 'H.K.', he started signing with his own name. He also began the manga pastiche 'Tutti Frutti'. Text (c) Lambiek


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