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Ron Regé, Jr., Halcyon (2022) pg.15 - Comic Strip

Halcyon (2022) pg.15

Comic Strip
35.56 x 43.18 cm (14 x 17 in.)


Originally serialized in black and white in Ron Regé, Jr.'s monthly zine, later collected and colored and put out by Fantagraphics.

No one in comics like Regé, who since he started creating them has continually produced some of the most beautiful work in the medium. The clashing of Regé's style and themes always creates such an incredible contrast while at the same time complimenting each other so perfectly it creates a way of telling a story that is both clear, enjoyable and dense all while seeming to still withhold it's secrets.

Case in point here is a page where a cosmic being/angel/entity, who previously just took a cosmic wrong turn which has led them to some interdimensional rearranging of themselves, that ultimately leads to the forming of a gate into another world. I love the way the tangential lines, that are the Xs in the panels, make your eyes bounce around the page and helps give you the sense of the cosmic mess that is taking place. It also makes it so that when you look at the page as a whole it abstracts it even more than the single panels.

Don't think anyone else since Kirby has had a sense of the cosmic in comics more than Regé, others tend to just go through the motions and do some scope and then throw in some "Kirby krackle" or maybe if they are really good they can view it through a lens of psychedelica and call it a day.

Pencil and ink on bristol board.

14" x 17"

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