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Grand EST by Franck Biancarelli, Denis Robert - Comic Strip

Grand EST

Comic Strip


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About Franck Biancarelli

Franck Biancarelli is a self-taught comic artist from Marseille, and the driving force behind the Marseille BD atelier. Initially a math teacher, he turned to the comics profession under the guidance of Christian Rossi. His first series was the heroic fantasy comic 'Argyll de Maracande' in cooperation with Dominique Latil for the first book in 1997 and Herlé for the second book in 1998. He then created four books of 'Galfarek' with Jean-Charles Gaudin between 1999 and 2005. He additionally teamed up with Serge Le Tendre to create 'Le Livre des Destins' in 2004. The first book of 'Dunk', the detective series he makes with Robert Denis, was published by Dargaud in 2013. Biancarelli has also participated in the collective projects 'Paroles de Poilus' and 'Paroles d'Étoiles'. He is one of the driving forces behind the Marseille BD atelier, together with Herlé, Isa, Jean-Louis Mourier et Vincent Trannoy. He has served as a teacher for artists like Laurent Gnoni and Bruno Bessadi. He draws his influences from both the American school of realism (Toth, Caniff, Kubert, etc) as well as the European (Giraud, Durand, Rossi). Text (c) Lambiek

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