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Gonzalo Mayo - Vampirella #112 pg 51 by Gonzalo Mayo - Comic Strip

Gonzalo Mayo - Vampirella #112 pg 51

Comic Strip
Ink wash
With lettering overlay


Art for Vampirella #112, Page 51 (Warren, 1983). The Warren Companion states, "This issue of Vampirella #112 ties with Famous Monsters of Filmland #191 as the last magazine put out by Warren." The issue itself was published with a low print run and is much sought after by collectors. From the story, "Feeding Frenzy," beautifully drawn with ink washes and a small piece of zip-a-tone to the right of the ship in panel 1. Just a beautiful mood set by the amazing Gonzalo Mayo The overall art size is 12.5" x 17.75" with a 11" x 16" image area. Lettering is attached to an overlay.

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