Giulio Chierchini - Les Rapetou dans l'espace - Comic Strip

Giulio Chierchini - Les Rapetou dans l'espace

Comic Strip
circa 1990
Mixed Media
Bande 1
Bande 2


Topolino n° 1811 - 12 août 1990 "Paperino e il grande multiforme rosso"

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About Giulio Chierchini

Giulio Chierchini studied at the Duccio di Buoninsegna Art Institute in Siena, and began his career working as an animator in 1946. He cooperated on among others the short cartoon animation, 'Volpino e la Papera Ribelle'. In 1952, he turned to comics, starting with creations for the publishers Alpe ('Castorino', 'Tik Corvo', 'Dan Lepre') and Bianconi ('Volpetto', 'Mao & Okey', 'Nonna Abelarda'). He teamed up with Giovan Battista Carpi (with whom he also illustrated 'Nonna Abelarda') and joined the Italian production of Disney comics at the publishing house Mondadori in 1953. He was Carpi's inker for a couple of years, before he began pencilling himself. He took on scriptwriting in 1964. Throughout the years, Chierchini has written and drawn numerous stories with 'Topolino' ('Mickey Mouse') and 'Paperino' ('Donald Duck'). In addition to his Disney work, he drew 'Geppo' and 'Chico Cornacchia' for Bianconi and 'Rodicchio e Clodovea' for Fesani. Between 1966 and 1972, he illustrated several stories with 'Fix und Foxi' for the German Kauka Verlag. Chierchini was born in Genova, and he has used this Italian city often as a location in his comics. Text (c) Lambiek